Spring 2018 Volunteer Induction

Volunteers are such a driving force behind our Museum. Their dedication and drive is evident at each of our sites, from the paleo lab to the orchard. We are always welcoming new volunteers and offer introduction classes which provide the foundation for individuals to learn about each of our sites.

The first class will take place on March 10 at 11:00 am at the Museum of the West. It will introduce you to our Museum with talks by each of our curators and provide information on the positions available. Throughout the rest of the month, additional classes will provide in-depth information on specific sites to prepare you for your volunteer role. Potential volunteers will need to be present for at each class for a specific site to certify as a volunteer. You can find the volunteer training calendar here.


The following volunteer positions are available for new volunteers.

Collections Assistant Work with the Curator of Collections to catalogue, photograph, and organize collections material. Handle objects behind-the-scenes to help us keep our collection up to date.
Library Assistant Work with the Loyd Files Research Library collection to catalogue, digitize, and organize library material. Become an area expert as you explore historic documents, photographs, oral histories, and more.
Cross Orchards Assistant Projects include gardening, mechanical work, orchard maintenance, construction, restoration, painting, etc. If you have a skill or just want to spend some time outside, we can find a project for you!
DJ Caster Our casting studio needs creative individuals willing to help us maintain our cast inventory. Help us pour molds, paint pieces, and interact with the public to explain the process.
Fossil Cart Interpreter Help us teach visitors about fossils with our mobile fossil cart. Spend time in the galleries and engage with visitors with the coolest show-and-tell you’ll ever see. We will teach you about the specimens and you spread the knowledge.

We need interpreters for each of our sites. Docents provide guided tours to school groups, tour groups, and community members. We will provide the knowledge, you provide the enthusiasm!

*As a bonus, DJ Docents will get to help us break-in our new volunteer wireless tablets at Dinosaur Journey. These will help docents answer questions, provide additional information to visitors and take our tours to the next level!





















To join our free volunteer class, go HERE.

For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator here.


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Volunteers who play in the dirt

“I don’t do manicures!” Kay Fredette said with a chuckle.

She’s far too rough on her hands for fancy nails. For 31 years, she’s worked as a volunteer at the Rabbit Valley, Mygatt-Moore fossil quarry. You will find her there three days a week in the summer, on her hands and knees in the heat or carrying buckets of rocks.

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