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Campo del Cielo Meteorite Now on Display

There is a new touchable exhibit at Dinosaur Journey: a 119-lb. iron-nickel meteorite from Argentina. One of many fragments of a much larger meteorite, this piece was collected from Campo del Cielo (Spanish for “Field of the Sky”) in northern Argentina. The original meteorite fell to earth about 4,500 years ago and is estimated, based on the size and number of fragments, to have been 12 feet wide and weighed 800 tons. This meteorite was … Read More

Opening a Quarry

At the end of spring, on the eve of summer, each year the Museums of Western Colorado prepares to open the Mygatt-Moore Quarry in Rabbit Valley for dig season. It’s not as easy as just unlocking a gate and digging with a shovel… We first have to remove the excess dirt and rock we put over the quarry every fall. We do this to protect the site from fossil poaching, vandalism, and to keep winter … Read More

Summer Exhibit at Dinosaur Journey Museum

This summer, Dinosaur Journey in Fruita will host the Smithsonian traveling exhibit, “Titanoboa: Monster Snake.” Slithering in at 48 feet long and weighing an estimated one-and-a-half tons, a realistic replica of the world’s largest snake is sure to send chills down any visitor’s spine. Sixty million years ago, in the era after the mass extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs, scientists believe that a colossal snake related to modern boa constrictors thrived in a hot tropical … Read More

MWC For Free!

MWC For FREE at Dinosaur Journey Museum Come to Fruita and re-discover the ancient world of the dinosaurs for FREE on Wednesday nights! Dinosaur Journey is proud to announce that we will begin staying open late on Wednesday evenings, starting March 15. We will be open until 7 pm on Wednesdays. Each night will feature special activities that are FREE and open to the public. In addition, all admissions after our normal closing time (4 … Read More

Museum Education Class Review

Museums of Western Colorado Education Department Day one of the museum class went overwhelming well. We had more educationeers than had originally signed up for the class. The excitement level was high, and everyone was eager to learn about everything that the Museums of Western Colorado has to offer our community. Our Executive Director Dr. Peter Booth talked to us a bit about his background, shared with us a few historical artifacts, and even let … Read More

Collaboration with Fruita Monument High School

As Curator of Education I take the job of involving the youth of today in our Museums seriously. Even before coming to work for the Museums I was ensuring that tomorrow’s leaders saw the value and importance in museums and research through a high school paleontology program. I am proud to announce that this idea is now being carried forward here in the Grand Valley. In the fall of 2016, I began working with Billy … Read More

Museum Education Class

When most people in the Grand Valley think about their local heritage, what do they think of? Do they think of the Museums of Western Colorado? Or do they think of one of our sites, such as Cross Orchards Historic Site or the Museum of the West? Many people who walk through the door of Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita are not aware that it, too, is under the umbrella of the Museums of Western … Read More

Gift Shop News

  The featured items from the gift shop are our Cross Orchards’ Cross Times Cookin’ cookbook and our Dinosaur Journey blankets. The Cross Orchards Cross Times Cookin’ cookbook is a collection of hundreds of recipes donated by volunteers all gathered into a beautifully constructed book. The recipes vary from historic apple-oriented recipes for any meal to potluck recipes sure to fill even the hungriest of groups. Included are little glimpses of history from the 100-year-old … Read More

Those Darn Dinosaur Bones Take Up So Much Room!

BLM and the City of Fruita Fund Collections Space at Dinosaur Journey Summertime is always busy at Dinosaur Journey. This year, we are kicking things into Ultra-High Gear, since High Gear is now in the rear-view mirror. This spring, the Museums of Western Colorado received a ~$50,000 grant from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to enhance our physical capabilities in specimen and artifact preservation. We are thrilled to be given this opportunity to upgrade … Read More

300 dinosaur lovers get “down and nerdy” with Julia McHugh at Denver ComicCon!

Comic Conventions (or ComicCons) are a Mecca for comic enthusiasts, but in the last 10 years or so, they have transformed beyond the world of just comics. Today, ComicCons encompass traditional comics, manga and anime (Japanese comics and animations), movies, books, art, card/board/video games, and almost every other branch of science fiction. This includes the science behind what inspires science fiction movies/books/comics. This year was the second year that the Museums of Western Colorado was … Read More