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2018 Chatauquans – The Legendary Ladies’ Kathy Swafford as Ellis Meredith

Ellis Meredith (1865-1955) Imagine a petite young woman, spirited, vivacious, with a brilliant mind and quick grasp of fundamentals – and you will see Ellis Meredith as described by her peers and opponents. Her organizing abilities and powers of persuasion were instrumental in Colorado women obtaining the vote in 1893, making it the first state in which men voted for woman suffrage. As a journalist, Ellis Meredith advocated for woman suffrage and temperance in her … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – The Legendary Ladies’ Linda Gleichmann as Emily Griffith

Emily Griffith (1868-1947) Emily Griffith, pioneer educator, believed everyone deserved an education regardless of age, race, gender, or background. Education was the way out of poverty. She dreamed of a school, supported by the Denver Board of Education, where children and adults could come to learn during the day or night. In 1916, her dream came true. She named it, The Opportunity School. Emily heard how some citizens feared the new immigrants who flooded into … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – The Legendary Ladies’ Joyce Nelson as Dr. Susan Anderson

Dr. Susan Anderson (1870-1960) Gravely ill from an incurable disease, Dr. Susan Anderson made a last ditch effort to survive. During the winter of 1907, she moved to the mountain town of Fraser, Colorado, into a tiny shack next to the railroad tracks. Every clear day, she dragged her cot outside and snuggled under quilts piled high. She breathed in the frigid mountain air and soaked up the healing sunshine, ridding her lungs of tuberculosis. … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – Ron Edgerton as General John J. Pershing

General John J. Pershing (1860-1948) It seemed that Jack Pershing was doomed to be late for everything. Born in Missouri in 1860, he came along too late to fight in the Civil War. Posted to New Mexico territory after graduating from West Point, he arrived a month after Geronimo’s surrender. Ordered to the Dakotas in 1890, he just missed the terrible Wounded Knee massacre. When the Spanish-American War broke out in 1898, he had hardly … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – Sally Ann Drucker as Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman (1869 – 1940) Emma Goldman was an anarchist known for political activism, writing, and public speaking. After emigrating from Lithuania to the US in 1885, she played a pivotal role in the development of radical politics and feminism in America. Her lectures attracted thousands. Goldman was imprisoned several times for inciting workers and illegally distributing birth control information. She believed that birth control was every woman’s right. In 1892, strikers at Carnegie Steel, managed … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – George Frein as Erich Maria Remarque

Erich Maria Remarque (1898-1970)  All Quiet on the Western Front is one of the greatest war novels of all time. But, when World War I ended on November 11, 1918, Erich Maria Remarque was in no condition to write the book. Nor would he be for ten years. For ten years the war echoed in his memory. It haunted him. Awake and asleep, he saw again what he witnessed as a soldier in the German … Read More

Dinosaur Day at Dinosaur Journey

June 9 • 9 am-4 pm Are you ready for some Prehistoric Fun? Dinosaur Day is back at Dinosaur Journey in Fruita, presented by Alpine Bank. Come out to Dinosaur Journey for all things dinosaur! We’ll have fun, kid-friendly educational activities, face painting, bump & jumps, and more. We are excited to welcome back so many of our wonderful community partners and we also want to announce some new partners that will be at Dinosaur … Read More

Cross Orchards Historic Site to Host Antique Truck Show

May 26 • 9 am-4 pm Cross Orchards Historic Site welcomes trucking enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in the history of trucks to attend an Antique Truck Show, co-hosted by the regional chapter of the American Truck Historical Society. Trucks on display will range from Cross Orchard’s very own 1917 Model T and span the automotive evolution to modern day semi-trucks still in service. “The Model T was built by the Ford Motor Company … Read More

2017 Chautauquans: The Legendary Ladies ~ Helen Hunt Jackson

Helen Hunt (1830-1885) was already a critically acclaimed author when, at 43, she moved to Colorado Springs in hopes that the dry air would heal her lungs of consumption. She explored the mountains, married William Jackson, and wrote poems and stories about the West.  Inspired by Chief Standing Bear’s speech she heard in Omaha, Nebraska, she became caught up in the cause of helping the Indians and wrote Century of Dishonor. Named Special Commissioner to the Mission Indians in … Read More

2017 Chautauquans: The Legendary Ladies ~ Mary Rippon

Mary Rippon(1850-1935) was highly educated in spite of not coming from a background of wealth. Her father died when she was quite young and she inherited the farm; when the farm was sold, the proceeds of the sale were used to pay for her extensive education.  Mary was the first woman professor at the fledgling University of Colorado in 1878. She was a member of the original faculty. At that time, there were few women … Read More