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Two Museum of the West Events-One Special Evening for Members

Museum of the West in Downtown Grand Junction June 13 • 5:30 pm Curator of History David Bailey will be signing his new book, Historic Mysteries of Western Colorado: Case Files from the Western Investigations Team, published by the History Press in Charleston, South Carolina. Bailey also serves as the Director of the Western Investigations Team and the book covers twelve different western mysteries the team has endeavored to solve using the latest scientific technology … Read More

New Exhibit Opens in January at Dinosaur Journey

We are excited to announce the opening of a new exhibit at Dinosaur Journey in Fruita this January: Jurassic Giant. This exhibit features the largest, most complete Apatosaurus femur (thigh bone) ever found. This massive, 6’ 4” long femur was discovered at the Mygatt-Moore Quarry by museum volunteers during a dino dig in 2010. After five summers of excavation, years of preparation in the Dinosaur Journey Paleo Lab, and careful planning, this massive bone is … Read More

US Bank’s Fifth Annual Heritage Rendezvous

Out of Place and Time: Unusual and Strange Artifacts Found in Institutional Collections  We are looking forward to our fifth annual Heritage Rendezvous sponsored by U.S. Bank. The Museum of the West will again be hosting this annual tradition celebrating the unique heritage of the Western Slope.  This year’s theme is Out of Place and Time: Unusual and Strange Artifacts Found in Institutional Collections. The artifacts in the exhibition include a prayer bell encapsulated by … Read More

Hidden Photographic Treasures From our Past: Museum to Host Historic Photo Contest

To coincide with National Historic Preservation Month, the Museum of the West and the Loyd Files Research Library are asking the community to dust off your scrapbooks and show us your best local photographs from the past for our historic photo contest, May 4 through August 3. Participants’ photos will be used as part of an exhibit at the Museum of the West between October – December, and winners will be chosen in August with … Read More

Cross Orchards Summer Concert Series

After much anticipation, the Museums of Western Colorado and Home Loan would like to announce the upcoming Cross Orchards Summer Concert Series. The concert venue, the historic barn at Cross Orchards Historic Site, will feature a wide variety of performers and provide the perfect ambience for a midsummer night’s concert. Doors will open at 6:00 pm and performances will begin at 7:00 pm. Performances will include the following:     June 14 Thomasina Russell  has … Read More

New Spring Exhibits and Free Day for National Museum Month

On May 12, we will officially open the historic Placerville Post Office. The post office 1930s façade has been carefully restored and has a special viewing window where you can peer into the past and see the postmistress hard at work in the 1930s period postal room. The new Western Investigations Team exhibit, Western Colorado Mysteries: Case Files from the Western Investigations Team (WIT), will include how the WIT team found Grand Junction town founder … Read More

Horns & Frills

There is a classic image in the minds of many dinosaur-lovers… of the horned Triceratops defending itself from the attack of Tyrannosaurus rex. But were the horns just for defense from predators? Modern science has revealed that the fantastic horns and frills of Triceratops and its relatives were more than just for defense… they were for romance! Imagine these horrific beasts battling each other on the Cretaceous plains, fighting off rival bulls and courting mates. … Read More

Placerville Post Office

One of the largest artifacts in the Museum of the West’s history collections is the Placerville Post Office. The post office was acquired by the Museum from the town of Placerville, Colorado, in 1986. The first Placerville Post Office opened in 1878 in the home of Elizabeth Benson, the first postmaster. Postmasters in those days often opened up post offices in their own homes. In 1933, Grace Estep became the postmaster of the post office … Read More

Horns & Frills

Chances are that if Triceratops was not your favorite dinosaur when you were a kid, you knew someone whose it was. But did you know that Triceratops was just one of many? It belongs to the group Ceratopsia, and it is very diverse! These giant animals once covered the open plains of North America and Asia in vast herds of spectacular variety, like the antelope on the plains of the Serengeti today. On May 18 … Read More

Original Placerville Post Office Exhibition

Museums of Western Colorado employees are in the process of installing the original Placerville, Colorado Post Office, used in San Miguel County from 1934 to 1986. The museum acquired the post office in 1986, and the installation will complete the early town exhibition in the Museum of the West which includes the Park Opera house, a rural one-room school house, and the Pastime saloon from the same era. Visitors can enjoy the newly installed façade … Read More