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Kaia Michaelis Joins Museums of Western Colorado as Executive Director

The Museums of Western Colorado is pleased to announce that Kaia Michaelis has joined our organization as our new Executive Director. Kaia has been the Director of both the Utah Museum of Art and History and the Box Elder Museum of Natural History for the past eight years in Brigham City, Utah. She has been very successful in building community connections, improving programs, and expanding the financial and organizational capacity of these two institutions. Kaia … Read More

Staff Spotlight – Erin Schmitz

Erin Schmitz, Curator of Collections and Archives, joined the Museums of Western Colorado in May 2105, bringing to the Museum her expertise in archives and archaeology. With two undergraduate degrees – a B.A. in History from the University of Colorado and a B.A. in Anthropology from Metropolitan State College in Denver – as well as a Masters of Arts in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University, Schmitz was a perfect match for the sought-after position … Read More

Accreditation – The Museum Field’s Mark of Distinction

The Museums of Western Colorado is one of six museums in the state of Colorado that is Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums and has held the museum field’s mark of distinction since 1971, when accreditation was first instated. Accreditation offers peer-based validation of a museum’s operations and impact and increases a museum’s credibility. It is a powerful tool to that helps facilitate loans between institutions as well as helping museums when applying for … Read More

Research Library and Archives News

The Loyd Files Research Library was recently gifted a family memoir and photobook from the family of John and Irena Moore.  John and Irena Moore settled in Grand Junction in 1889. John quickly became a prominent member of the Grand Junction community and soon became the manager of the Grand Junction Fruit Grower’s Association. In 1907, John and Irena bought a ranch in Bridgeport which originally grew apples, but soon switched to peaches. John became … Read More

Introducing Our New Site Logos: Unique but Unified

We are proud to introduce to our members and friends the new logo designs for Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, Museum of the West, and Loyd Files Research Library. These are not replacing the current Museums of Western Colorado (MWC) logo. On the contrary, the intent is to help strengthen the image of the MWC as well as bring positive attention to each of the unique sites. The MWC museum facilities—Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, Museum of … Read More

Hidden Photographic Treasures From our Past: Museum to Host Historic Photo Contest

To coincide with National Historic Preservation Month, the Museum of the West and the Loyd Files Research Library are asking the community to dust off your scrapbooks and show us your best local photographs from the past for our historic photo contest, May 4 through August 3. Participants’ photos will be used as part of an exhibit at the Museum of the West between October – December, and winners will be chosen in August with … Read More

Museum and BLM Partnership

Since 2014, the Museums of Western Colorado and the Bureau of Land Management have been working on developing a joint website to showcase digital exhibitions and to share information about collections with the public. The BLM grant funding the project provided resources to build a professional website and a children’s website, offer a series of educational camps for children, and design an educational kit to be used by the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center. The … Read More

Boy on a Bike, a Snapshot in Time

Shown is a photograph, a window in time, at 5th and Rood Street. A boy rides by the camera lens of local photographer, Frank Dean, in the distant past of Grand Junction, Colorado. A study of the undated picture inclines one to wonder of that boy and the people caught in time of days long gone. We see the day is clear for the photographer to set up his camera and catch the boy as … Read More

Thousands of Local Oral History Files Saved for Posterity

Erin Schmitz, Curator Collections and Archives at Museums of Western Colorado, is looking forward to the time when she can hear the stories of the Grand Valley, actually told by the people who lived them. Through a partnership with the Mesa County Libraries, the Museums of Western Colorado is in the process of digitally saving more than 3,000 local oral history files originally recorded via cassette tape. “These tapes hold the history of this community … Read More

Oral History Collection Update

The Oral History Collection, housed in the Loyd Files Research Library and Marie Tipping Archives, holds a wealth of information on Mesa County because it is told by the people who lived during the events that shaped the county. Housed on cassette tapes, it is difficult to listen to in its current format because there is a considerable amount of background noise on many of them, which can make it difficult to understand what is … Read More