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Museum and BLM Partnership

Since 2014, the Museums of Western Colorado and the Bureau of Land Management have been working on developing a joint website to showcase digital exhibitions and to share information about collections with the public. The BLM grant funding the project provided resources to build a professional website and a children’s website, offer a series of educational camps for children, and design an educational kit to be used by the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center. The … Read More

Boy on a Bike, a Snapshot in Time

Shown is a photograph, a window in time, at 5th and Rood Street. A boy rides by the camera lens of local photographer, Frank Dean, in the distant past of Grand Junction, Colorado. A study of the undated picture inclines one to wonder of that boy and the people caught in time of days long gone. We see the day is clear for the photographer to set up his camera and catch the boy as … Read More

Thousands of Local Oral History Files Saved for Posterity

Erin Schmitz, Curator Collections and Archives at Museums of Western Colorado, is looking forward to the time when she can hear the stories of the Grand Valley, actually told by the people who lived them. Through a partnership with the Mesa County Libraries, the Museums of Western Colorado is in the process of digitally saving more than 3,000 local oral history files originally recorded via cassette tape. “These tapes hold the history of this community … Read More

Oral History Collection Update

The Oral History Collection, housed in the Loyd Files Research Library and Marie Tipping Archives, holds a wealth of information on Mesa County because it is told by the people who lived during the events that shaped the county. Housed on cassette tapes, it is difficult to listen to in its current format because there is a considerable amount of background noise on many of them, which can make it difficult to understand what is … Read More

Museum Education Class Review

Museums of Western Colorado Education Department Day one of the museum class went overwhelming well. We had more educationeers than had originally signed up for the class. The excitement level was high, and everyone was eager to learn about everything that the Museums of Western Colorado has to offer our community. Our Executive Director Dr. Peter Booth talked to us a bit about his background, shared with us a few historical artifacts, and even let … Read More

Museum Education Class

When most people in the Grand Valley think about their local heritage, what do they think of? Do they think of the Museums of Western Colorado? Or do they think of one of our sites, such as Cross Orchards Historic Site or the Museum of the West? Many people who walk through the door of Dinosaur Journey Museum in Fruita are not aware that it, too, is under the umbrella of the Museums of Western … Read More

Loyd Files Research Library and Archives News

Many exciting projects are underway with the collections at the Museum of the West, the Loyd Files Research Library and Archives, and Cross Orchards. Erin Johnson Schmitz, Curator of Collections and Archives, has been working to get our collections ready for reaccreditation, as well as to make them more available to researchers and the public. The Museum of the West houses artifacts that help to tell the story of Grand Junction and Mesa County. It … Read More

From Our Collections: Kiefer and Cheedle Photo Collections

In the Loyd Files Research Library of the Museums of Western Colorado are two large photo collections of former Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad employees, Warren Kiefer and Ray Cheedle. Because both men were railroad employees, the collections give a rare insight into operations and the personnel of the “Rio Grande” as it was known. When Mr. Kiefer’s family moved to the Salt Lake Valley, he would ride his bike down to the Salt … Read More

Intern Conducts Collection Research At “Body Farm”

Few people may be aware that Grand Junction is home to one of six “body farms” in the United States. Known as the Forensic Investigation Research Stations (FIRS), it is operated as part of Colorado Mesa University under the direction Dr. Melissa Connor. FIRS consists of an outdoor space on an acre of land surrounded by privacy fencing and an indoor facility that includes a classroom, wet lab/morgue, walk-in cooler, in-take area, office, and secure … Read More