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MWC’s 50th Anniversary Grand Opening

The Museum of Arts and Sciences officially became a nonprofit, cultural institution in October of 1965 with the adoption of its articles of incorporation. The museum supporters worked throughout that winter and into the next spring turning the former Whitman School into a museum. With the help of Dr. Samuel A. Dulany Hunter’s Foundation, an East Wing was added to the former Mesa County Valley School District facility. Then on May 1, 1966, the new … Read More

Heritage Awards Recap

The Museums of Western Colorado celebrated the annual Heritage Awards Tuesday, March 1st at Dinosaur Journey. These awards are an opportunity for the Museum to thank organizations and members of the community that have contributed to the understanding and preservation of Mesa County and Western Slope heritage. Some of the honorees have contributed directly to the Museum ability to fulfill its mission of discovering, preserving, and sharing Mesa County history; others are honored for their … Read More


While creating a new Strategic Plan, the MWC commissioned a survey of the opinions of Mesa County voters. A professional polling company conducted the survey and received sufficient responses to generate some very reliable and significant results. We discovered that local residents hold the Museums in very high esteem. A series of questions asked if the respondent felt the MWC did a good job in areas including heritage preservation, education, culture, and economic development. The … Read More

MWC’s New Strategic Plan: Moving Forward into the Next 50 Years

“Creating that place visitors bring their guest to — First.” With a great sense of pride, I would like to announce that this past month, the Board passed a new Strategic Plan and Vision for the MWC — “Moving Forward.” One fact the Strategic Plan recognizes from the outset is that, for half a century, the MWC has been a strong and valued institution, successfully fulfilling its mission and living up to the ideals set … Read More

Education News

The Museums of Western Colorado, Mesa County Valley School District 51, and the Bureau of Land Management have teamed up to help students in the Grand Valley learn about the rich natural history of our area. The Museum is collaborating with our partners to create a traveling educational kit that will be used in seventh grade classrooms across the Grand Valley. The kit, which will debut in March, will contain casts and original fossils from … Read More

Museum Times – May 2014

Excerpt: Carol Duecker has been a lab volunteer for several months at Dinosaur Journey and is an absolute delight! She’s been trained for tours and thoroughly enjoys working in the lab and with the other volunteers on a variety of projects. Carol was born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan. Following high school she pursued her degree in Geology at Michigan State University. After working in various locations she ended up in Telluride working for the … Read More

Museum Times – April 2014

Excerpt: Cross Orchards Historic Site Opens on May 1st Spring has sprung and plans are underway for a great 2014 season at our Cross Orchards Historic Site. We’re scheduled to open the gates on May 1st; however, we wanted to whet your appetites for what we have in store!!!! Download the full January 2014 Newsletter

Museum Times – March 2014

Excerpt: This new summer exhibit stars a life-size, moving restoration of an Elasmosaurus, a 38-foot long marine reptile with a long neck and four paddle-like flippers. This reptile roamed the shallow seas of North America during the Late Cretaceous. Featured along with the Elasmosaurus in the exhibit will be Late Cretaceous marine fossils from the Mancos Shale, the rock unit that underlies the Grand Valley from the river up to the Bookcliffs. Among these featured … Read More

Museum Times – February 2014

Excerpt: We are pleased to announce that Zebulon Miracle, formerly the Curator of Anthropology, has taken on a new role at the Museum of Western Colorado. Effective January 2014 Zebulon is now the Curator of Programs and Advancement. This is a long title but it is reflective of the importance of the tasks that lay before him. In his new role he will assist Peter Booth, Executive Director, Kristi Pollard, Development Director, and Museum staff … Read More

Museum Times – January 2014

Excerpt: 2013 was an incredible year for the Museum of Western Colorado. In January we welcomed our new Executive Director, Dr. Peter Booth and set the pace for an exciting year. Thousands of visitors from all across the United States and twenty-three foreign countries came to visit Dinosaur Journey, the Museum of the West and Cross Orchards Historic Site. Download the full January 2014 Newsletter