Cross Orchards Historic Site to Host Antique Truck Show

May 26 • 9 am-4 pm

Cross Orchards Historic Site welcomes trucking enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in the history of trucks to attend an Antique Truck Show, co-hosted by the regional chapter of the American Truck Historical Society. Trucks on display will range from Cross Orchard’s very own 1917 Model T and span the automotive evolution to modern day semi-trucks still in service.

“The Model T was built by the Ford Motor Company in 1908 and ceased production in 1926. At one point, it comprised nearly 40 percent of all cars sold in America at the time,” says Matt Darling, Site Manager for Cross Orchards Historic Site. “We are pleased to have a piece of American history, right here on the farm, that revolutionized the transportation industry!” says Darling. “We hope you will join us for this special event hosted by the American Truck Historical Society, and learn from their automotive experts the history of the trucking industry.”

Founded in 1971, the American Truck Historical Society strives to “preserve the history of trucks, the trucking industry, and its pioneers.” This annual Antique Truck Show began in 1980, and has grown exponentially, from 23 trucks to well over 1,000. Trucks range from special interest models, busses, and RVs to fire trucks and even military vehicles.


Adults/$5; Seniors/$4; Kids (3-12) $3.50; Family (up to 6)/$12, Museum members/Free!

For more information:

Matt Darling at (970) 261-7839 or

Sam Ragsdale at (970) 640-4915

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