Cowboy Poet Dale Page

Thanks to Dale Page for sharing this video. Make sure you see Dale, along with other talented cowboy poets and musicians, at our 2019 Western Slope Cowboy Gathering, November 1 and 2!

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Dale’s inspiration for this poem:

The location in this poem is the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Cimarron, New Mexico, where I spent the summer after graduating high school. The barn where our bunkroom was located is 10 miles off paved road at an elevation of about 8,000 feet. We had 50 horses up there and that many pack burros. I had only one day off the entire summer, but I wouldn’t trade that time for anything.

After 40 years, I returned to the camp and found it pretty much the same. I have to admit it showed a little less wear than I. Standing there brought back a lot of memories of good horses and good friends. In my mind, I could still see the palomino paint at the corral gate, waiting for me to go jingle up the rest of the horses. It was a great place and a great time of my life. That summer changed me from a city boy to a pretty decent rider and a lover of New Mexico.

This poem was written to illustrate the feelings of looking back to where we can’t go, to times we can’t forget and don’t want to. Thanks to author Owen Ulph for the image of the “leather throne.”