“Pickin’ Peggy” Malone

Thanks to Peggy Malone for sharing this video. Make sure you see Peggy, along with other talented cowboy poets and musicians, at our 2019 Western Slope Cowboy Gathering, November 1 and 2!

Find out more here.

“Pickin’ Peggy” Malone, a local favorite, is the 2016 Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame Female Vocalist of the year and Entertainer of the year 2013. Her song, “Singin’ A Cowboy Song” won an Emmy for Performer/Songwriter 2001 in the PBS Special, “A Night At The Rodeo.” Her song “Appaloosa” is the official Appaloosa Horse Club song.

Peggy was inducted into the Colorado Country Music Association Hall of Fame on August 20, 2006 and was named the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame Legend of Legends Female Vocalist in 2015.

In addition to various cowboy gatherings, Peggy performs at local senior homes and it brings her much joy. No doubt the joy is felt by the seniors as well.

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      Hi! Are you looking for Peggy’s schedule? or for Cowboy Poetry? Either way, a good place to start would be looking for WesternSlope cowboy gathering on Facebook. Unfortunately, this year Cowboy poetry needed to be cancelled, but we look forward to hosting it again next year!

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