Introducing Our New Site Logos: Unique but Unified

We are proud to introduce to our members and friends the new logo designs for Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, Museum of the West, and Loyd Files Research Library. These are not replacing the current Museums of Western Colorado (MWC) logo. On the contrary, the intent is to help strengthen the image of the MWC as well as bring positive attention to each of the unique sites. The MWC museum facilities—Cross Orchards, Dinosaur Journey, Museum of … Read More

CT Scan of Fossils Sheds Light on Tooth Replacement for Plant-Eating Dinosaurs

New fossils excavated by the Museums of Western Colorado from the Mygatt-Moore Quarry in Rabbit Valley reveal how different species of gigantic plant-eating dinosaurs were able to coexist in the same ecosystem with limited vegetation. In a newly published research article titled “Evidence for niche partitioning among ground-height browsing sauropods from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of North America,” Museums of Western Colorado Curator of Paleontology, Dr. Julia McHugh, shows that this type of resource … Read More

Kids Take Over at the Museum

Summer Camp! Two words that bring back memories for many of us. This summer, the Museums of Western Colorado teamed up with a number of great organizations to bring summer camp to some special kids from around the Valley. As the final part of the BLM grant that brought you our amazing new websites ( and, we hosted free Explore-It Summer Camps for Riverside Educational Center, Girl Scouts, and Mesa County Partners. With the … Read More

Hidden Photographic Treasures From Our Past: Historic Photo Contest – Reminder

The Museum of the West and the Loyd Files Research Library are reminding the community to share your best local photographs from the past for our historic photo contest, through August 3. Participants’ photos will be used as part of an exhibit at the Museum of the West between October – December, and winners will be chosen in August with first, second, and third place prizes being awarded. “We are encouraging community members to take … Read More

Downtown Grand Junction Historic Plaques Project

Museums of Western Colorado’s Curator of History David Bailey completed researching, writing text, and finding historic photographs for thirty-three historic buildings designated by the Grand Junction Historic Preservation Board. Bailey was assisted by the Loyd Files Research Library’s Curator of Collections and Archives, Erin Schmitz, and library volunteers Marie Tipping and Garry Brewer. Local Historian Priscilla Mangnall also assisted with building research and historic photographs. Mike Kelly of Your Sign Company created the plaque mockups … Read More

The Challenge of Maintaining National Museum Accreditation

The Museums of Western Colorado (MWC) offers a full and comprehensive range of educational and interactive exhibits focusing on a variety of topics. With a paleontology museum, a regional history museum, and a working historic agricultural and transportation museum, the three sites offer something for everyone. With this responsibility, however, comes the challenge of maintaining each facility to a high standard of quality. The history of the Museum (Dinosaur Journey, Museum of the West, and … Read More

MWC participates in Blue Star Museums Program

The Museums of Western Colorado is pleased to announce their participation in Blue Star Museums program. This collaboration among the National Endowment for the Arts, Blue Star Families, the Department of Defense, and museums across America offers free admission to the nation’s active duty military personnel and their families, the National Guard and Reserve from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day 2018. This opportunity is available at all Museums of Western Colorado facilities including Museum … Read More

2018 Chatauquans – The Legendary Ladies’ Kathy Swafford as Ellis Meredith

Ellis Meredith (1865-1955) Imagine a petite young woman, spirited, vivacious, with a brilliant mind and quick grasp of fundamentals – and you will see Ellis Meredith as described by her peers and opponents. Her organizing abilities and powers of persuasion were instrumental in Colorado women obtaining the vote in 1893, making it the first state in which men voted for woman suffrage. As a journalist, Ellis Meredith advocated for woman suffrage and temperance in her … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – The Legendary Ladies’ Linda Gleichmann as Emily Griffith

Emily Griffith (1868-1947) Emily Griffith, pioneer educator, believed everyone deserved an education regardless of age, race, gender, or background. Education was the way out of poverty. She dreamed of a school, supported by the Denver Board of Education, where children and adults could come to learn during the day or night. In 1916, her dream came true. She named it, The Opportunity School. Emily heard how some citizens feared the new immigrants who flooded into … Read More

2018 Chautauquans – The Legendary Ladies’ Joyce Nelson as Dr. Susan Anderson

Dr. Susan Anderson (1870-1960) Gravely ill from an incurable disease, Dr. Susan Anderson made a last ditch effort to survive. During the winter of 1907, she moved to the mountain town of Fraser, Colorado, into a tiny shack next to the railroad tracks. Every clear day, she dragged her cot outside and snuggled under quilts piled high. She breathed in the frigid mountain air and soaked up the healing sunshine, ridding her lungs of tuberculosis. … Read More