New Spring Exhibits and Free Day for National Museum Month

On May 12, we will officially open the historic Placerville Post Office. The post office 1930s façade has been carefully restored and has a special viewing window where you can peer into the past and see the postmistress hard at work in the 1930s period postal room. The new Western Investigations Team exhibit, Western Colorado Mysteries: Case Files from the Western Investigations Team (WIT), will include how the WIT team found Grand Junction town founder … Read More

Cross Orchards Historic Site to Host Antique Truck Show

May 26 • 9 am-4 pm Cross Orchards Historic Site welcomes trucking enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in the history of trucks to attend an Antique Truck Show, co-hosted by the regional chapter of the American Truck Historical Society. Trucks on display will range from Cross Orchard’s very own 1917 Model T and span the automotive evolution to modern day semi-trucks still in service. “The Model T was built by the Ford Motor Company … Read More

Horns & Frills

There is a classic image in the minds of many dinosaur-lovers… of the horned Triceratops defending itself from the attack of Tyrannosaurus rex. But were the horns just for defense from predators? Modern science has revealed that the fantastic horns and frills of Triceratops and its relatives were more than just for defense… they were for romance! Imagine these horrific beasts battling each other on the Cretaceous plains, fighting off rival bulls and courting mates. … Read More

Planned Giving

Gift to the Museum from Bonnie and Leland Cofer The Museums of Western Colorado recently received a nice donation from Bonnie J. and Leland E. Cofer’s Trust. This is a nice gift and we very much wanted to share the news of the donation with the MWC members. Leland moved to Grand Junction in 1923 with his family when he was two-years old. He grew up on an Orchard Mesa farm, went to Lincoln Elementary … Read More

Placerville Post Office

One of the largest artifacts in the Museum of the West’s history collections is the Placerville Post Office. The post office was acquired by the Museum from the town of Placerville, Colorado, in 1986. The first Placerville Post Office opened in 1878 in the home of Elizabeth Benson, the first postmaster. Postmasters in those days often opened up post offices in their own homes. In 1933, Grace Estep became the postmaster of the post office … Read More

2018 Heritage Awards

It is with great pleasure that the Museums of Western Colorado recognizes outstanding individuals and groups for their contributions toward preserving our community’s heritage at the Sixth Annual Heritage Awards, hosted at the Museum of the West. We are pleased to announce winners in the following categories: Archeological Award Glade V. Hadden George Callison Paleontological Award Dr. Rodney Scheetz Historian Award Dr. Steve Schulte Steve and Denise Hight Preservation Award Leslie “Bill” Ellicott Heritage Enterprise … Read More

Horns & Frills

Chances are that if Triceratops was not your favorite dinosaur when you were a kid, you knew someone whose it was. But did you know that Triceratops was just one of many? It belongs to the group Ceratopsia, and it is very diverse! These giant animals once covered the open plains of North America and Asia in vast herds of spectacular variety, like the antelope on the plains of the Serengeti today. On May 18 … Read More

Original Placerville Post Office Exhibition

Museums of Western Colorado employees are in the process of installing the original Placerville, Colorado Post Office, used in San Miguel County from 1934 to 1986. The museum acquired the post office in 1986, and the installation will complete the early town exhibition in the Museum of the West which includes the Park Opera house, a rural one-room school house, and the Pastime saloon from the same era. Visitors can enjoy the newly installed façade … Read More

Museum and BLM Partnership

Since 2014, the Museums of Western Colorado and the Bureau of Land Management have been working on developing a joint website to showcase digital exhibitions and to share information about collections with the public. The BLM grant funding the project provided resources to build a professional website and a children’s website, offer a series of educational camps for children, and design an educational kit to be used by the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center. The … Read More