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Character Forged in Conflict – Young Chautauquans

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 This year we have four Young Chautauquans who will present at our evening performances along with our professional Chautauquans. For more information and the event schedule, please go here.   Friday, September 16     Ashton Call as General George S. Patton Military genius, legend, warrior, egotist, conqueror, and bully are all descriptors used to describe General George Patton. WWII provides a panoramic backdrop as Ashton Call, 8th grader at Caprock Academy, exposes Patton’s flair and … Read More

Character Forged in Conflict – Abraham Lincoln

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 Abraham Lincoln: The Power of the Spoken Word Portrayed by George Frein, Ph.D. Everybody knows that Abraham Lincoln was President during the Civil War. It is not so well known that he spent most of his time and energy while in office as a writer and orator. His words were the chief power of his administration. He labored over his speeches, knowing that not getting his words right would cost men … Read More

Character Forged in Conflict – Eleanor Roosevelt

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 Hammering Out Human Rights: Eleanor Roosevelt at the United Nations Portrayed by Susan Marie Frontczak Besides being the longest serving First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician, diplomat, and activist. One of her biggest challenges was as the US Representative to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights. In this capacity, President Truman dubbed her the “First Lady of the World.” Eleanor Roosevelt speaks of the … Read More

Character Forged In Conflict – Jefferson Davis

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 Jefferson Davis: Patriot or Traitor? Portrayed by Doug A. Mishler Vilified in the south for decades as a coward and tyrant who lost the war for General Lee; damned for a century as the quintessential evil slave owner and one of America’s great traitors, Jefferson Davis is a character who has always generated more passion than insight. While a simple man in many ways, Davis was also remarkable. Davis graduated from … Read More

Character Forged in Conflict – Nikita Khrushchev

Two Rivers Chautauqua 2016 The Fiercest Cold Warrior: Nikita Khrushchev Portrayed by Doug A. Mishler Often remembered merely as a blowhard or a buffoon for his surreal kitchen debate with Nixon in 1959 or his petulant shoe pounding at the UN, in fact, Khrushchev was never a joke. Khrushchev followed a long and very colorful path to become arguably the most crucial figure opposing the West during the Cold War—certainly his Cuban missile adventure almost … Read More

Belle Starr portrayed by Karen Vuranch

Belle Starr, The Bandit Queen By Karen Vuranch The phrase The Wild West describes a unique time and place in American history. There were many people who embodied the spirit of the Old West and one of those larger than life characters is Belle Starr. Known as The Bandit Queen or The Petticoat Terror of the Plains, Belle Starr has taken her place in history among the outlaws and desperados of what was then known as The Wild West. It … Read More

Huey Long Portrayed by Chuck Chalberg

Huey Long, an American original By John (Chuck) Chalberg Huey Pierce Long was an American original. Fascinating and flamboyant, he shot across Louisiana and ultimately across the country before being shot to death in September of 1935. The political machine that he created was far less original. Designed to advance his interests, as well as those of his constituents, it was extraordinarily effective, even if it was shot through with corruption of the very ordinary … Read More

Aimee Semple McPherson portrayed by Doris Dwyer

Aimee Semple McPherson, Hope and Love By Doris Dwyer Aimee Semple McPherson was a singular force in the cultural milieu of the interwar period. Born in Ontario, Canada in 1890. She was consecrated to the Lord at the age of six weeks. Her mother raised Aimee to love Jesus in the tradition of the Salvation Army. Aimee’s rural childhood was transformed when the Pentecostals came to Ingersoll. Ontario. She married Irish evangelist Robert Semple at the age of 17 … Read More

Benedict Arnold portrayed by Frank X. Mullen

Benedict Arnold: American Patriot, American Judas By Frank X. Mullen On the Revolutionary War battlefield at Saratoga, New York, stands a statue of a left boot. The inscription memorializes an American general, the nation’s “most brilliant soldier,” as the hero of the engagement. But the general’s name is not mentioned. That’s one of a handful of ambiguous monuments that Benedict Arnold (Jan. 14, 1741 to June 14, 1801), has to his bravery. Had the musket … Read More

Guess Who’s Coming to Chautauqua? Aimee Semple McPherson

A woman ahead of her time, Aimee Semple McPherson was an itinerant preacher, radio broadcaster and founder of the Foursquare Church. Unfortunately, she is probably best known for her mysterious disappearance involving an alleged/unsubstantiated kidnapping which overshadows the work that was most important to her. An unconventional woman, she did whatever was necessary to reach her audiences in ways that touched a chord with the American people of the 1920s. Aimee’s calling came early in … Read More