The 1910s

Completed irrigation projects, including the long-anticipated Government High Line Canal and Grand River Diversion Dam, ensure adequate water for increasing agricultural production, in spite of spring frosts and economic troubles. A new high school opens in 1910, and a fire destroys the iconic Jordan’s Inn in downtown Palisade in 1915. Horse drawn carriages and blacksmith shops give way to garages to serve gasoline-driven engines. Palisade enhances its community identity with successful Iowa Day and Palisade Day celebrations. People from the midwest are still drawn to the area by financially successful fruit growing opportunities. Entrepreneurs patent a number of items, including the fruit gathering bag in 1900, orchard heaters, a metal wheel, and use stilts to prune limbs from tall fruit trees. Many young men joined the military in World War I, as coal production increased and the profitable fruit industry continue to attract residents.