The 1920s

The original vision of land use by Benton Canon with his Fruit Tracts of five to ten-acre orchards within the town is changed by developers who subdivide into house-sized lots. All but the western tier of the Fruit Tracts are subdivided by the time the 1926 Sanborn map is drawn. Fruit Tracts become the Hottes, Hampton, Jordan, Landreth, W.E. Bell, Mott, Nelson, Blackstone, Mt. Lincoln, and Peach Grower’s Additions.

A new high school opens in 1925, leaving the 1910 building for elementary and junior high school students. A number of fruit growers, unhappy with the owners of marketing cooperatives, form a new, member-owned United Fruit Growers’ Association in 1923. The codling moth, which devastates apple orchards in Clifton and Fruita, does not infect peaches. Palisade’s fruit orchards mostly survive.