School Group Tours

location_mowMuseum of the West

Sterling T. Smith Educational Tower

$3.50 Self Guided Tours
$4.00 Guided Tours

We have exhibits featuring one-of-a-kind prehistoric pottery from the Colorado Plateau, Navajo rugs and rock art panels from the Fremont and Ute Indians. Inspect pottery of the Southwest cultures.This renowned collection features ware from Mogollon, Hohokam, Anasazi, Ute and other local cultures.

Take a stroll on the boardwalk which depicts Grand Junction’s downtown attractions in the early 1900s, follow the history of weapons that tamed the west and discover the scientific revelations of the Western Investigations Team (WIT). You’ll experience the Pastime Saloon and Park Opera House, as well as a one room schoolhouse. Climb into a full-size stagecoach and take an interactive ride. All this and much more make history come alive!

The Educational Tower offers a spectacular 360° view of our impressive surrounding geography. On the observation platform (75 feet above ground level) are a number of panels that interpret downtown historic preservation efforts, regional geology, archaeology and history.

On the second floor of the Museum of the West, the Loyd Files Research Library houses the Museum’s extensive archives, oral histories, photographs and special collections.These unique published and unpublished resources document the region’s rich and varied cultural and natural history.

Admission also includes a visit of the Sterling T. Smith Educational Tower which offers impressive, 360° views of the surrounding area.


To schedule a tour or program, please call (970) 242-0971.