STEM Lessons


The following are lessons from the Middle School Paleontology kits that do not require the fossils within the kit.  All lessons meet both Colorado State Academic Standards and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  For more information regarding kits, visit this page.

Lesson Plan Associated Materials

Lesson 1: Geologic Time


Create a Geologic Timeline

Event Cards

Major Events in Earth’s History Handout

Geologic Timeline Quiz

Answer Key for Geologic Timeline Quiz


Lesson 2: Relative Dating and Stratigraphy

Who Dunnit?

Stratigraphy Scramble



Lesson 3: Evolution*

*This version has been adapted for the web.  It is best done with fossils from the MWC Paleontology Kit

Is it a Dinosaur? Handout

Is it a Dinosaur? Photos

Is it a Dinosaur? ANSWER KEY

Are Dinosaurs Still Alive? Lab


Lesson 4: Biodiversity Requires Fossils from the MWC Paleontology Kit


Lesson 5: Mass Extinction

Ordovician Extinction Worksheet

ANSWER KEY Ordovician Extinction

Devonian Extinction Worksheet

ANSWER KEY Devonian Extinction

Permian Extinction Worksheet

ANSWER KEY Permian Extinction

Triassic Extinction Worksheet

ANSWER KEY Triassic Extinction

Cretaceous Extinction Worksheet

ANSWER KEY Cretaceous Extinction