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This is a model of a tiny adult dinosaur found in the Morrison Formation just southwest of Fruita.  Fruitadens was as small as plant-eating dinosaurs got, weighing only about 1 pound.  Only its contemporary from Germany, Compsognathus, a meat-eater, got as small.  As such, Fruitadens is tied for the honor of Smallest Dinosaur In The World.  Compare this to some sauropod dinosaurs from the same rocks, such as Apatosaurus, which may have weighed as much as 75,000 pounds.





Velociraptor mongoliensisvelociraptor

This famous dinosaur from Mongolia was a threat to its prey with its teeth and the claws on both the hands and feet. Velociraptor has been found fossilized in mid-attack, tangled with a Protoceratops and kicking at the ceratopsian with its foot claw. Velociraptor was not particularly large, however. This reconstruction is an adult.


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