Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day unites all Coloradans in a common goal to strengthen the state’s nonprofits by giving to their favorite charities online. The state’s largest community giving movement has raised a total of $217 million since its inception in 2010. Find out more here. Colorado Gives Day features a $1 Million Incentive Fund, created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank. ...

Fruita Badlands Hike – with Dr. Julia McHugh

Explore the less travelled areas of Fruita's badlands in the cool of spring. Join Paleontologist Dr. Julia McHugh and travel through a desert in bloom to see several historic quarries where unique animals like Ceratosaurus and Fruitadens were discovered. Walk along the Jurassic river beds and explore the diverse ecosystems found in western Colorado 150 million years ago. Bring your ...

Dinosaur Days Virtual Lecture Series: Paleo Coordinator, Brandi Maher

Create your own plaster replica at home! Brandi Maher will be doing an interactive demonstration on how to make a plaster replica of a fossil. A full list of materials will be posted before the event so you can create your own plaster replica at home with the expertise of a Brandi, the Dinosaur Journey Paleo Field Coordinator.   

Dinosaur Days Virtual Lecture Series: Dr. Richard Butler

462 Ute Ave, Grand Junction, CO

Dr. Richard Butler will be sharing about his new research about the breathing mechanisms of the Fruitaden family animals in his lecture "Fruitadens and family: the diversity and biology of heterodontosaurid". Follow Dr. Butler on Twitter (@butlerlabbham)

Dinosaur Days Virtual Lecture Series: Brian Engh

Paleoartist, Brian Engh will be share his process of producing paleoart, working with scientists and how he goes from raw research to bringing a whole extinct ecosystem to life.

Lost Giants of the Jurassic: National Fossil Day Virtual Lecture

462 Ute Ave, Grand Junction, CO

The gigantic Brachiosaurus is one the most popular of all dinosaurs, appearing in everything from Jurassic Park to Walking With Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Train. But despite its fame, we actually have very few fossils of Brachiosaurus, and no complete skeletons. However, new discoveries in Utah have the potential to change that. Join our Dr. Matt Wedel as he talks about  the battle with heat, storms, and simple gravity to ...


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