Events for May 19 – October 25, 2020 | Museums of Western Colorado

A Journey through Hopi-Navajo Reservations

(c) Amadeustx | Led by Joe Higgins The magic and uniqueness of Arizona’s Native Peoples is enchanting and awe inspiring. This journey will take us onto the Hopi and Navajo reservations where we will travel into Canyon de Chelly, view exclusive rock art sites, explore the culture of the Hopi, stop at historic trading posts, and stay at the ...

Trips & Tours Open House

Museum of the West (Downtown GJ) 462 Ute Ave., Grand Junction

Come tell us your ideas for trips and tours in 2020, and let us know what you think of our ideas. Free.

Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Railroad Hike

Museum of the West (Downtown GJ) 462 Ute Ave., Grand Junction

Guide: Matt Darling Learn the obscure history of and explore the abandoned ruins of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroads original narrow gauge mainline to Salt Lake City, built in 1883. The ghost towns of Excelsior, CO and Acerron, UT will be explored too. Includes: Transportation, guide, snacks & lunch.

Fruita Badlands Hike – with Dr. Julia McHugh

Explore the less travelled areas of Fruita's badlands in the cool of spring. Join Paleontologist Dr. Julia McHugh and travel through a desert in bloom to see several historic quarries where unique animals like Ceratosaurus and Fruitadens were discovered. Walk along the Jurassic river beds and explore the diverse ecosystems found in western Colorado 150 million years ago. Bring your ...

Downtown Grand Junction Pub Crawl and Walking Tour May 19

Join David Bailey, former Curator of History, for a historic walking tour and pub crawl.  Historian David Bailey will tell you the early and colorful history of the buildings where the pubs and restaurants have taken up residence.  Participants will visit 3 local establishments and can partake of their favorite beverage at each stop (please limit to one beverage per ...

Downtown Grand Junction Walking Tour May 22

Do you wonder what early pioneer or entrepreneur built the early ornate buildings in downtown Grand Junction? Why were there so many architectural styles and what was their original purpose? Join David Bailey, the Museum of the West’s Associate Historian and history sleuth, on a tour of historic buildings, downtown streets, and alleys. Discover their hidden historical secrets and fantastic ...


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