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Traildust Theropod 3 day experience

Traildust Theropods 3 day experience! August 4th-6th, 2021 This expedition is for adventurers who like a challenge. Fossil bones of the theropod Allosaurus are plentiful at the site, but they are embedded in a hard sandstone. Break out the hammers and chisels to excavate these bones from one of the Jurassic’s top predators. Bring sturdy hiking shoes, a water bottle, ...

Expedition: Dinosaurs of Moab

Walk in the footsteps of giants! Dr. Julia McHugh will take us to scenic Moab, UT and find where dinosaurs once roamed. We’ll see tracks from small stalking raptors to colossal sauropods, and even stop by some petroglyphs (rock art) thousands of years old. Bring your hat, walking shoes, sunscreen and a camera for this adventure. Minimum Age for participants ...


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