Downtown Grand Junction Walking Tour June 5

Do you wonder what early pioneer or entrepreneur built the early ornate buildings in downtown Grand Junction? Why were there so many architectural styles and what was their original purpose? Join David Bailey, the Museum of the West’s Associate Historian and history sleuth, on a tour of historic buildings, downtown streets, and alleys. Discover their hidden historical secrets and fantastic ...

Dinosaur Days, Dinosaur Hill Trek

Celebrate Dinosaur Days 2021 with a guided adventure to Dinosaur Hill.   Join museum paleontologist, Dr. Julia McHugh, for a trek to the historic 1901 Riggs quarry at Dinosaur Hill, in Fruita! Discover the site where the massive Apatosaurus was unearthed, how it shaped the Legend of the Brontosaurus, and why Fruita is such a Paleontology Hot Spot.  Please bring water, good hiking shoes, sun protection, ...

Dinosaur Days Virtual Lecture Series: Paleo Coordinator, Brandi Maher

Create your own plaster replica at home! Brandi Maher will be doing an interactive demonstration on how to make a plaster replica of a fossil. A full list of materials will be posted before the event so you can create your own plaster replica at home with the expertise of a Brandi, the Dinosaur Journey Paleo Field Coordinator.   

Dinosaur Days Virtual Lecture Series: Dr. Richard Butler

2400 Consistory Ct., Grand Junction, CO

Dr. Richard Butler will be sharing about his new research about the breathing mechanisms of the Fruitaden family animals in his lecture "Fruitadens and family: the diversity and biology of heterodontosaurid". Follow Dr. Butler on Twitter (@butlerlabbham)

Dinosaur Days Virtual Lecture Series: Brian Engh

Paleoartist, Brian Engh will be share his process of producing paleoart, working with scientists and how he goes from raw research to bringing a whole extinct ecosystem to life.


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