Gift Shops

Unique Items for All Ages

Trying to decide what to get for friend or family member (or a treat for yourself)? Look no further than the Museums of Western Colorado! We have a variety of unique, one-of-a-kind items for everyone. Here are just a few things the Museum has to offer:

Ron’s Rocks at Dinosaur Journey: We offer a variety of one-of-a-kind mineral and rock specimens ranging from 50¢ tumbled stones to a $900 quartz geode pair. Many of Ron’s Rocks range from $5 to $30.

Dinosaur castings at Dinosaur Journey: These are castings produced by our Dinosaur Journey volunteers. These castings are of local finds, including an array of objects from a raptor claw to a Stegosaurus back plate, ranging from $1 – $45. Our highlighted hydrocal casting is a T.rex plaque for $45. 

Does your loved one enjoy Museum trips? Give the gift of travel and adventure with a gift card toward a 2019 trip with the Museum. Our trips are online here.

For the paleontologist at heart, give your special person a Dino Dig! These very popular dinosaur adventures include excavating, prospecting, hiking, rafting, touring, and prepping fossil specimens. To find that special adventure, go here.

Museums of Western Colorado Membership! With a membership, you will support our educational mission and will have the opportunity to visit all three of our sites as often as you like at no additional cost, including:

Museum of the West – 462 Ute Avenue in Grand Junction

Dinosaur Journey Museum – 550 Jurassic Court in Fruita

Cross Orchards Historic Site – 3073 F Road in Fruitvale

The Museum offers many, many more items and we encourage you to visit both Dinosaur Journey and the Museum of the West to find exactly what you are looking for!